Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Times they are a changing

Are you an Adult?
Do you making decisions each and everyday for your own good?
Do you understand that there is right and wrong, good and bad in this world? and do you know that there are good and bad people in the world?

If you answered yes to these questions then I think you have a reasonably basic understanding of the world around us..... congratulation.....

I am trying to work out why, then we are thought to be stupid.

Although most people are just trying to get on with our lives in the most normal ways possible, we are constantly told we are in danger, someone somewhere is planning something.
Yes it is always on the cards the something will happen to you or me somewhere in the world

And I really hope something does because who wants to go on holidays only to have nothing happen.... how boring would that be....
But before you all get your knickers in knot I am not talking about bombs, tidal waves, etc, just think how exciting the world would be if everyone was pleasent, well mannered, courteous, kind, thoughtful, understooding, eager to assist,no-one was trying to blow your off, you could catch a train without fear, you could travel by ship without overdosing on drugs, drive a vehicle and not worry about road side bombs, your children could play in the local playground and come home with all their limbs intact etc.

How boring would it be?

Yes it is frustrating when those foreigners don't understand a single thing you are saying, miss take what you are doing, Don't know that your T-shirt, shorts and thongs(shoes) is your National Dress and wearing a scarf or Turban is against your beliefs. After all some countries are simply to hot to wear anything at all.

So next time you are faced with these or other frunstrations whilst on holidays overseas, just remember you wouldn't have a problem if it wasn't for all these foreigners....

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"then I think you have a reasonably basic understanding of the world around us."

Why do you think I go off my meds periodically?
Well, my friend, mental health can only be tolerated so much, before it gets tedious.

By the way--you guys are foreigners, too. After we're done with Iraq, Iran, Canada, and San Francisco, you're next!

Oh, yes.