Saturday, August 25, 2007


I was recently asked a very interesting question and although it does follow directly with the political aspects of this blog it might give an insight into how we think.
Years ago I watched a movie called 'Risky Business' starring a very cute young guy called Tom Cruise. A few years later I saw another movie starring this fellow called 'Top Gun', and yet another with a very young Nicole Kidman.....
Then we hear that Tom Cruise and Nicole are to be married and as time went they seem to be the Modern Day Camelot couple...everything they touched turned to gold.
After years of marriage they finally split much to the worlds shock. How could this happen?
Stories arose about a another woman and true to hollywood form it was true......
A few years pass and we see Tom jumping around like a 4 year carrying over another girl Katey, he is just happy and excited he can hardly contain himself and so decides he doesn't need too...And his popularity appeared to drop big time:

All this leads me to ask the question I was asked:

Do we still like Tom Cruise?
Is he still the nice guy we thought he was?
Or do you preferr Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom?
Given the choice whose slippers would be under your bed for one night Tom Cruise, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp?
Or who is favourite and why?
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I'll have to link to this so all of America can weigh in. (BTW, these opinions are mine and Aussie Cynic is NOT responsible.)

#1) I never did like Tom Cruise, because the only role he can play is Tom Cruise. Anyway, I don't support closeted public figures. He makes my gaydar go right out the roof. Gutless.

#2) He was never a nice guy. He was pure PR. Now, we realize what a ba***rd he is.

#3) I like them both. Orlando needs to take on some really challenging roles, because I think he could handle them.

#4) Clive Owens' slippers!!!

#5) Hands down, Johnny Depp is one of the greatest, most versatile actors ever.

paisley said...

no question... johnny depp.. never did like tom cruise no how.....and although orlando bloom is a cutie... he hasn't the character of johnny depp... now that i think about it ... no one has....

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, No, None of the above. Hugh Grant because he's sexy and I could listen to him speak for days. There is a conservative gentlemanliness to his make-up and he is solidly, down to earth. When he is on screen I cannot take my eyes off him. Lately though, he has played some silly roles, but he has acted them out beautifully. My favorite was "Notting Hill."