Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Dont Give a Shit Anymore! Just end the Pain Club

Sick of the Pre Selection?
Have you had enough of the Hype surrounding the Candidates?
Are you so over this Hollywood Sideshow it hurts?

Well you are not alone. You are a member of fastest growing Global community on Planet Earth.

I Dont Give a Shit Anymore!
Just end
the Pain Club.

As a member you can make your own badge to wear proudly to the shops, to work, to school and you yourself can become a campaigner to get this finished.
Have your Say, End the Pain wear the badge

This is the exclusive domain of the People world wide who just want the US Pre-Selection Campaign over with and the Actual Election Process started and finished...
We all know who the candidates are, Everyone knows what the choices are, so lets just have one final last push a bulk vote to see who is going to run and who misses out.

Save us Time, Save their Money, and Save our Sanity.
One Vote One voice get it over with!