Tuesday, August 14, 2007

America right under your nose

While American Troops are protecting the world from the Muslim Infidels and saving us from those interesting invisible Weapons of Mass Destruction, look what is going on just north of their borders.

All-weather Canadian soldier at the ready.

Welcome to the General Headquarters of the Campaign for Canadian World Domination! Your future tyrants are General Claire and General Jenny. The Generals are Canadian chicks who are taking over the world and re-designing it to suit their aims.We will accomplish this goal by:

• The systematic destruction and sublimation of all opposing our inevitable Canadian reign – and the polite, yet horrifically brutal, control of our future territories of conquest.

• Infiltrating the USA and through a cleverly designed plan, destroying it, and using its resources for our own purposes.

• Demonstrating to the world that Canada is the final and ultimate power.

• Decontaminating the world of Non-Canadian influence.

• Reorganizing a New World Society of Canucks to suit our loving, kindly, peaceful and diabolical aims.

Shocktroops on showshoes practice military drills with elementary school students: How fast your child can drop to the snow may determine the likelihood of his or her survival in the coming years.

There is nothing more frightening than an angered Canadian, they frighten the hell out of me,

So Be Afraid Be Very Afraid

The President is aware of this situation and in the coming weeks an advertising compaign will get underway posters are at present being reprinted. These images were going to be used in the buildup to the Iraq campaign however Mr Rudd thought they might give the wrong impression but with his timely exit they are to be used for Canada.... So here is a sneak preview:

PS if you believe this post I have a bridge for sale in Sydney shaped a bit like a coat hanger....fantastic views of the Harbour......

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Canada IS a threat to the US, my friend. They have French speaking "people" sharing a border with us. Oh, sure, they call themselves Quebecois, but how close that sounds like Al-Queda. And another thing--Homos getting married legally? Disgustingly non-evangelical! You hate Jesus, who discovered America and put in power white Christians according to Biblical principles. And their drug laws? This is simply too much to countenance.

Yes, we have an eye on you, O Canada. We--have--an--eye--on--YOU!