Friday, September 28, 2007

Solving Climate Change

Are you feed up with the Worlds leaders dragging their feet on Climate Change? I know I am.
Why are they talking about what to do in 2010? What about now?

I have had enough of the procrastinating on this issue, are they hoping the earth with wait till we are ready to solve the problem?

The best and easiest to get a definate plan on this issue is take every leader from every country on this planet, lock them in motel, and tell them you will not leave until all of you have resolved your issues and have a form and legally binding plan solution to the issues of climate change and global warming.
With clear and precise understandings of what will happen if they refuse to comply with the plans put in place.
This would stop all procastination on the issues and give us a firm global plan to solving or lessing the impact we are having.
What do you think?

Iran in America hmmmm

This week has been a time of interesting events in the news.

We have the events taking place in Ragoon with the Monks and general population, the Iranian Prime Minister visiting America, geeze that sounds like a oximoran, Iran in the US hmmm, Delegates leaving the United Nation in Protest during his speech. Then the United Nation and Climate Change Meeting to discuss changes to Kyoto.

Although I do NOT understand the Iranians at all,

I can understand peoples reaction to the countries policies, and given recents events in the middle east I don't wont them to have nuclear weapons either.

But when a leader of a country comes to your country for reason of diplomacy, you should for the same reason listen to what they have to say.
This does in no way show your opinion either way but it does show your willingness to listen and negotiate matters of planetary interest.
When trying to convince a person or a country that your way is better, you should lead by example, show restraint regardless of sick it makes you feel.

Although the circumstances surrounding 9/11, terrible as they were and are, were not condemned by several of these countries, I have not seen anything which said the bombers where Iranian. To my limited understanding the Bombers where Saudi Arabian.
No American Government has suggested they go after the religious leaders of Saudi Arabia thankfully.

In the interest of World Peace the least the US Government could do is listen and show tolerance in order to change the policies of these areas in the world.
With the Iranian opinion of Israel and their refusal to reconize Israels rights, it appears to be no more or less than Israels treatment of the Palestinians rights. If Iran is giving weapons to Palestine, what is the difference between this and America giving weapons to Israel.

Why is it that those who are popular with the west must be right and those who are not wrong.

Somewhere it is written "treat people as you wish to be treated"

With the violence happening between these two countries, The present course of action from all parties does not appear to working, a rational person would think this is not working lets try something else.

Isn't about time all sides try something else?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This must inspire someone!

Recently those wonderful folks Jim and Emma from Go Smell the FLowers, asked the Questions " What inspires you?"
My response was nothing, I find nothing Inspiring these days at all. Not in a way that would inspire me to rush out and buy a T-Shirt or anything.

However I have found inspiration and possibly a little of my humanity has returned after watching the Buddhist Monks in Burma.
These Monks are revered by the people and loved so deeply that they have inspired a nation to action.
All they are doing is marching and protesting for the most basic rights expected by any person.
There is no violence, there is no fowl language, no call to civil unrest, just a large group of monks walking through the city.
Unfortunately the Government has not seen this peaceful protest as non threatning and in response last night open fire on them, live ammo, tear gas, bashings etc, which has caused the death of many monks.
How can anybody do that to another person? This leadeer must be nuts and many think so?
It may well lead to civil war because so far all this action has lead to is many thousands of people joining the protest.
This sort of action in the face of such terrible in justice must inspire the peoples of this planet to look for a solution.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Is nothing Safe

Now not even our toothpaste is safe I think I will go back to Bi-Carb Soda, it safer. the latest casualty. Is nothing safe from chemical enhancement. And we put this crap in our mouths everyday, because it is suppose to be good for teeth but what is it doing to the rest of our bodies.

Three toothpaste brands banned in SA

Three brands of toothpaste have been banned in South Australia amid fears they contain too much of a toxic chemical.

Consumer Affairs Minister Jennifer Rankine said the Mr Cool, Excel and Tri-Leaf Spearmint pastes would be subject to a recall, effective immediately. She said the toothpaste contained more than 0.25 per cent of diethylene glycol (DEG), which could present a serious health risk if ingested, particularly to children and people with kidney or liver disease.

Although toothpaste is not meant to be swallowed, young children have been known to suck on tubes.

Adults also can unintentionally swallow small amounts of toothpaste when brushing their teeth.

"People should double check the list of ingredients on their toothpaste," Ms Rankine said.

"If they find it contains DEG, check the label to ensure it has less than 0.25 per cent by weight.

"If it is more than this amount, do not buy it."

Consumers with tubes of the three banned brands at home can return the toothpaste to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Climate Change is it real?

Scientist the world over are still debating the basic questions of Climate Change.
Questions like "is climate change real?" are still seriously being argued.
Although any person with some idea of the real world will tell you about subtle changes in their own environment, roses blooming earlier each year, or summer/winter being longer are generally the first things mentioned.
The next thing the scientists have started debating is how to fix it and if it is two late to fix......
So I ask you is Climate Change a reality and can it be fixed.......?????

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Divine intervention, Perhaps!

Todays News from Yahoo!
Many people around the world would now of the Horse flu out break in Australia. This being the first time this horrble virus has come to our shores. It has the potential to disrupt horse events for months to come but as a side effect of this, is the flow on effects due the quarentine restriction placed on venues. One of these is the World Youth Day.
This event is one of the largest on the Papal Calender. So is the Horse Flu Divine Intervention to stop the event taking place here or is it something a mere co-incidence maybe.....?

'Time is up' for Pope's run at RandwickTime has run out to host the World Youth Day's papal mass at Sydney's Royal Randwick racecourse, Racing NSW chief executive Peter V'Landys says.With 10 months left before the mass and 12 months worth of work to be started, it will take a miracle to have the event at Randwick, Mr V'Landys says.
Randwick has become a quarantine centre for 700 horses affected by the horse flu, stopping World Youth Day (WYD) organisers accessing the track to start work.
"I don't believe they can do it in time," Mr V'Landys told ABC Radio.
"They've really got to now find another venue.
"They need to construct a stage and altar, to accommodate 800 cardinals and the Pope, over a dam. They've done no hydraulics works.
"They've got to put 4,000 toilets into the centre of Randwick and put a sewer line underneath the track.
"They haven't even done geotechnical works to see what works are required."
Racing officials and trainers, who opposed the papal mass being held at Randwick before the horse flu outbreak, have expressed disbelief that WYD workers could be granted permission to enter the quarantined zone.
Mr V'Landys says the mass should be held at Sydney's Homebush Olympic site.
Mr V'Landys will on Friday chair a racing industry meeting to discuss possible programming changes to the 2008 Sydney autumn carnival in the wake of the equine influenza (EI) crisis.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Who is NEXT?

Like so many others around the world, I too have the feeling of impending doom.
Do you feel it?

I'll explain.
When America invaded Afghanistan we thought 'hmmmm ok!' the Taliban need to be out they were and are bad news.
Then after, what we have been told was a successful campaign, most of the troops where withdrawn.
A matter of weeks later 'The Iraq incident' began. This was after a few weeks to months of talk telling us how nasty and dangerous Saddam was. The American Government would know exactly how bad this guy was because they put him power there in the first place.
Anyway, There has been a lot of talk surrounding Syria and Iran and their nuclear plans.
Here in Australia we hear Iran has a secret Nuclear enrichment plant VERY SECRET! we are told, No reporters or UN officials can get to it. Hmmmm!
I need to say at this point this is a bit of a lie, the secret bit. I recently watch a satellite broadcast news program Free to Air which showed the latest Nuclear plant, reporters had access to the plant, the Russian President or Representatives were there and the whole thing was openly discussed within the report. How much it cost, what they were doing, the storage facilities etc.
I do NOT like Nuclear anything but I Dislike lies just as much.

Israel recently, according to gossip and rumour, flew into Syrian airspace and possibly bombed a few things. Not Nice Israel. Several countries have asked 'why?' but no answer.
For the full report please go to: Times On Line

People are beginning to feel the starts of a new war is coming.
What I would like to know is who is next? With the same patterns falling into place with America and the Middle East, will America go after Iran or Syria next and when do you think they will announce.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pulp Friction - Forests, Paper, and a Federal Election

The Debate is far from over. Tonight broadcast on the ABC, yes the station which is home to the Chasers, was a program called Difference of Opinion.

Tonights Debate focused on the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill.

Asking the questions such as:
how can the Government State and Federal Allow a business to built in and area where it will KILL 6-8 people per year from respiratory illness, how can a Government Approve a Business in an area where 68% say NO!!! We don't want it and only 27% say yes thanks......

Click the link Below view the program and make up your own mind.......
but you will get alot of the facts.......
Listen to the older Gentlemen on the end ...... he is not connected with an environment group and is not connect to GUNNS Limited and has the facts....


Monday, September 10, 2007

Is this what it is to be Australian......?

I must say I love Australia. This is by far the best place in the world to live.

Where else in the world would A city of 6 million people allow 'the police and government to shut down the Central Business Area, transport, shopping, and all traffic in and out, erect a massive steel fence around the centre of their city, put up with the general mayhem caused' just to let a few trumped up world leaders strut around in 'dry as bone' coats for a few days.

The images seen in recent times, on the news, of the police and security forces using the methods akin to those seen overseas in countries with far less pride in their civil rights than we have, are frightening to say the lest.

Are we as Australians prepared to allow this sort of behaviour?

I am not saying there should not be security and in this day and age some precaution taken to ensure the safety and security of these VIP's,

but this is Australia Not Israel,

this is our country, AUSTRALIA

Sydney is our City.

What did they think was going to happen?
The over kill was just so far beyond anything we have seen prior it can only described as pathetic. Here are few security precautions taken:

Snipers on Roof tops

Police barriers

Areas Restricted

Public Access stopped

even to their places of work

Police Bus barricades Water pressure trucks

Security offices patrolling streets

Police patrolling streets

Stop and search anyone

No traffic in

No pedestrian traffic

Air Space restricted

These are just some of the efforts made how ridiculous and how little faith the authorities must have in the people who put them there.

This is not what we as Australians come to expect from our Officials in any circumstances regardless of the situation.
The Government, we would have thought would have a little more faith in the Australian Public and our ability to take a small disruption, and What about the Aussie Pride in a Job well done, did the powers that be think we would allow any sort of bullshit terrorist nonsense to ruin our reputation.

All the people of Australia wanted in return for tolerating this total kaotic disruption to their lives, lose of income, some people were even sacked, because the business lost too much cash, was our basic right to peaceful protest against issues being discussed by these men.

This Right was taken from us and the from the Media I might add.
Police used excessive force in several instances not only in regards to protests on a man taking his 11 year old son to lunch who was thrown to the ground, and arrested trying to cross the road to meet his son.

The Police removed their name badges and all forms of identification this is unlawful in Australia.

At the top of this post is video of the Police Actions taken, please take the time to watch.
This video shows how our Government Values Its People and our ability to voice OUR opinions

Friday, September 7, 2007

Chasers did it again

For those of you who do not know the Chaser's, Chaser's War on Everything is an Australian TV program broadcast on the ABC (Australian Broadcast Commission). These guys are a crack up and tend to find holes security, play pranks directed at getting at the heart of the matter.
This is a news report from Yahoo as to their latest prank at APEC. To see video check out the side bar......How much did we spend on security hmmmmmm.... even I know Canada is not part of Apec....

Chaser tests police patience again
Members of ABC TV's The Chaser team have been questioned after another APEC stunt, just hours after security officials warned their pranks could result in someone being shot.
As authorities fumed over Thursday's fake motorcade, three more of The Chaser team were quizzed by police in Sydney before being released without charge.
Craig Reucassel, Chris Taylor and Dominic Knight on Friday dressed up in black cardboard boxes shaped like limousines, complete with Canadian flags on the front and paper plates as wheels.

Their action was a send-up of Thursday's stunt, in which 11 Chaser members were charged after driving real vehicles - decked out to resemble a Canadian motorcade - through APEC security checkpoints.

They got within metres of US President George W Bush's Sydney hotel before being stopped.
Embarrassingly for those responsible for protecting the 21 world leaders attending the APEC gathering, The Chaser antics earned worldwide media coverage.

Some American TV newsreaders raised their eyebrows at the motorcade story, while others laughed at the prank in which Chaser member Chas Licciardello jumped out of a Canadian-flagged "fauxtorcade" dressed as Osama bin Laden.
"A prank by a TV comedy crew has turned into an international incident and it could end up making a laughing stock of the entire (APEC) security machine," said a straight-faced Phillip Palmer, a newsreader on America's ABC TV network.
"$US160 million was spent to keep dignitaries safe, and a convoy of actors got within yards of President Bush's hotel."

CNN, FOX News, NBC and CBS also carried stories showing footage of the Chaser members being arrested.
News website USA Today trumpeted: "Security isn't as tight as you'd think in Sydney."
In Canada, The Vancouver Sun newspaper saw the funny side, despite the fact that The Chaser team posed as Canadian officials.

"Aussie spoofsters fly Maple Leaf to undress APEC security," was the headline in the Sun.
Eleven members of The Chaser's War on Everything team were charged on Thursday with entering a declared area without justification. Police are considering further charges.
Chaser stars Licciardello and Julian Morrow, along with nine others, including production crew and hire car drivers, could face a maximum six months' jail if convicted.
After Friday's effort, Reucassel said police allowed the three questioned to go free after determining no laws had been broken.
"The police basically just detained us and checked whether we'd breached any laws, which we hadn't and we're on our way," he told ABC Radio.
Taylor added: "It was good. We didn't do anything wrong at all. We were very careful to stay within the letter of the law and I think the police realised that, so yeah, it was fine."
NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione was among those who failed to see the funny side of their first stunt, saying they could have got themselves shot by snipers.
"I'm angry, I'm very angry that this stunt happened, it was a very dangerous stunt," Mr Scipione said.
"The reality is ... (they) put security services in a position where they might have had to take an action no one would want."
Federal Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd was also concerned Thursday's stunt could have ended in tragedy.
"I would very much hate for there to be any injuries, let alone fatalities, occurring because people were trying to push the security margins for entertainment purposes," Mr Rudd told Southern Cross Broadcasting.
NSW Premier Morris Iemma was also unimpressed: "We all enjoy the Chaser program but what happened was not a joke, it is serious, and we would all have preferred it did not happen."
Security expert Neil Fergus said Thursday's prank had embarrassed authorities, even though the comedians did not breach the "inner sanctum".
"The only thing they posed a risk to, ultimately, is our senses of humour," he said.
ABC Television on Thursday night said The Chaser team had no intention of entering a restricted zone, but had been waved through by police and turned around once they realised where they were.
Morrow denied the stunt was irresponsible and a danger to public safety.
"I wouldn't think so. Hard to say ... lucky it was us and not al-Qaeda," he told ABC Television.
Confiscated material, including mobile phones, camera and sound equipment was returned by police on Friday, The Chaser's producers said in a statement.
The footage is likely be returned by police in time for Wednesday's show.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ok now the fight begins

There has been alot of talk regarding the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill and the process the government has used in approving this development of an unwanted pulp mill in an a prestine area of Tasmania Australia go to to read more.

However Thursday Evening at 9.30 AEST there will be a debate regarding this issue bring together 4 experts on this subject to discuss, debate and thereby inform the rest of Australia and the world of the facts.

It will be available via Podcast, video download etc to those interested in environmental issues, global warming dioxine poluution, marine environment, sensitive ecosystems and generally any person with an interest in saving this planet from climate change...
Please go to

to view the broadcast lodge your opinion and give us a voice to stop this horror being falsed upon us .....
because we do not want it...
and the government is not listening

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

George W Bush is he really the worst President ever

Aussies pick Bush for a 'dud': poll

What do Australians think of United States President George Walker Bush, yes I know what the W stands for, well we think he is the worst President the US has ever had and that is saying something, worse then Richard Nixon, worse than Ronald Regan will that is pretty steep company but there you have it.

We all know the stupid things GW has done. His strangely out of context comments and his Bushisms to name just a few, but you do have to admit he has been good value, us comic types have had a field day. We all seem to know the bad things he has achieved the bad decision and the bad policy so I am not going to list them here I do enough bagging as it is.

But I started to wonder what things has he done that were any good?

Has the current US Government had any good policy?

Have they done anything at all which would allow the citizens of America to think he had accomplished something good?

this is the US governments site for the 43rd President.


Between 2000 and 2003, productivity grew at the fastest three-year rate in more than 50 years.
In September 2003, the U.S. Department of Commerce reported the lowest unemployment rate (5.4%) since October 2001.
The president's tax relief allowed families to keep more of what they earn by cutting tax rates across the board.


In 2003, President Bush announced the Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, a five-year, $15-billion initiative to turn the tide in combating the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. Just one month after Congress appropriated funds for the president's plan, $350 million was awarded to service providers for critical prevention efforts and to bring life-saving treatment to suffering people in some of the hardest-hit countries in Africa and the Caribbean.


President Bush submitted his framework for education reform, No Child Left Behind (NCLB), three days after taking office and secured overwhelming bipartisan support less than a year later. NCLB represents the most significant overhaul of U.S. education policy since 1965, when the Elementary and Secondary Education Act was passed.


In December 2003, President Bush signed legislation that makes Health Savings Accounts available to millions of Americans. Health Savings Accounts offer flexible, affordable insurance options for small businesses and individuals.
This legislation also will make prescription drug coverage available to 40 million senior citizens and people with disabilities through the Medicare healthcare system.


President Bush has committed America to meeting the challenge of long-term global climate change by reducing the ratio of greenhouse gas emissions to economic output, or greenhouse gas intensity, by 18 percent by 2012 compared to 2002.
In December 2003, President Bush signed legislation implementing key provisions of his Healthy Forests Initiative. The President's initiative is helping restore the health and vitality of forests and rangelands, and helping reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfires.

Regardless of what we see and hear in the media it appears it is not all doom and gloom or is it.... I really would like to know has any of this had an impact on your life, has it changed your opinion of this man or has his past, present and future mistakes condemned him to be considered the Worst President EVER?

Here what Australians think:

Savaged in new poll: George W Bush
A new Galaxy Poll says a majority of Australians believe George W Bush is the worst president in US history.
Mr Bush is due to arrive in Australia this evening for the APEC conference in Sydney.

The new poll shows that 52 per cent of those surveyed agreed with the statement that Mr Bush was the worst-ever president, while 32 per cent disagreed.

Dr Robert Marr from the Medical Association for the Prevention of War - the organisation that funded the poll - says most Australians do not agree with Mr Bush's policy in Iraq.

"Australians are not anti-American, they're anti the policies of George Bush, particularly the invasion of Iraq," Dr Marr said.

"Mr Howard has got it dead wrong when he says that opposing George Bush is opposing the American alliance.

"It is not that. Australians are sensible enough to know the difference between a dud president and good Americans."

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Monday, September 3, 2007

What are we teaching our Kids

As I get increasingly older I am often astounded at the world around me. I don't mean in a Wonderful World sense, I mean in a peculiar sense. I find peoples interpretation of what they see, hear, read, feel as ever more odd.

We let our children, ages 8-16years, watch on TV programs like Home and Away, or Die Hard 4.0 (great Movie by the way), or CSI which ever one you like, Terminator etc, all of which show death, destruction, shootings, bombings, car accidents, abuse, bullying, and all the things we tell are kids they should not do, but when it comes to love, sex (not porn), kissing, tenderness, and all things related to relationships, we shy away and do not let them see.

Why is that we would prefer to let our children watch someone get their head blown off or they kneecaps shot out, than let watch than see a woman's breast on TV.
I find it strange that this is the case.

We try and teach our children to care about each other, but all we seem to feed them is these images of horror. The games they play are generally war based or shoot 'em up, in some form or another, games blowing up or shooting people, this has to have some impact, whether it be desensitising their emotions or honing their skills for the next World War I don't know which.
I don't mean let your child watch full on sex scenes I talking about cuddles etc.... you should know the difference.

If you want to teach a dog to sit you tell it sit, you show it sit, you reward it when it sits and eventually it sits. When you tell a child sit, then show a child stand, reward them when they stand eventually they will only know stand.

In this ever increasing world of analysing, why do we constantly blame the Television programs, blame the Internet, blame the schools, teachers, the kid next door, the computer games and our kids friends, when in actual fact it is us society which allows the unbalance in the first place.
I am not calling for more censorship but I do think we need to look at what we a teaching our children and what we really want them learn.

After all when this generation grows up chances are they will become violent, take drugs, drink to much, join gangs, steal, behave badly, have tantrums at the age of 19, take people for granted, think money grows trees, must have the newest best and most expensive, be thoughtless and self absorbed if we aren't careful.

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