Monday, August 6, 2007

Land Grab

Recently in Australia we were told that in the remote Aboriginal communities there is an extremely high rates of drugs and alcohol abuse, and child abuse. This is a sickening state of affairs for our indeginous communities, and although the elders of these communities have been attempting to stop these activities, it has not had much impact.

So the Federal Government decided to take the matter in hand and put a stop to the various forms of abuse. Its about time you might well say and I would agree with you, but there to this which we are finding out as time goes on and then we told are conspiracies designed to scare locals into not complying.
A few facts to think about:
  • The problems in these remote communities has been going on for more than 30 years....with the governments full knowledge.
  • High unemployment. Well this has been known about for hmmmm... 30 years or more. but it does stand to reason that if you live next to Uluru in the middle of a desert with nearest town being a 600+ kilimetres away theres not much chance of a job.
  • Land rights. a majority of these township/settlements are now considered Aboriginal land and as such the people have all the rights to the land, minerals, etc.
  • A few years ago, the ATSIC board, run by Aboriginees for their rights, was accused several instances of being corrupt, with the one of the main members having allegably accused of rape, child sexual abuse and various other crimes....nothing was done then.

So why all of sudden is the Federal Government sending the Army, medical teams, introducing laws which will remove ownership rights of the land and taking control of these communities? And Why are they choosing now to do it?

We all know these communities need help. but that is not the underlying reason for this action. So what is.......

Last year the government and mining companies approached these communties to purchase their land to use as a nuclear waste dump. As John Howard needs somewhere to store the waste from his intended nuclear power stations and uranium inrichment plant he wants to build.

Yes I kow conspiracy theory ringing in your ears, but listen to this and you see .....

All said no! they would not allow a waste dump in the middle of their land, no! they would not allow Uranium mining, except I believe one communtity. Shortly after this the Government was given a report which stated the above problems, it should be noted that a similar report was also given in the mid 1970's so it should be no surprise, next thing you know the Government is taking back control of the communities, sending in army and medical teams as well as social services, they will be removing children again, and taking the control of all land rights from the people living there....

The only community which has escaped this action is the community which sold the land to the government. Although they have a visit, this town has been found to be relitivly problem free...fancy that, surprise surprise surprise.....

So what do you think? Do you think the reasons given are all there is to it or do you think it there is more to it than meets the eyes?




I suspect this might be a lot of one and a lot of the other. Ehirty years ago, here in the USA, rape was considered a joke by the police and the courts. Raped women were so humiliated by the authorities, reportings were staggeringly low. Child abuse and sexual enslavement were never mentioned or dealt with. Spousal abuse was a man's right. There's been an utter turn-about since then. So, I can see how these issues were once given a blind eye.

However, the powers that be are not above using a good cause to ill-advantage. Here, we are told in superficial news articles how progressive and beneficial the Australian government's policies to its Aboriginal peoples are.

As things stand in the US, we don't need paranoia to teach us just how pernicious an government unchecked can be.

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