Saturday, June 7, 2008

a collective sigh!

Well as the "I Don't Give Shit Anymore" Club settle down for a little rest, the rest of America and(dare I say) world is breathing a collective sigh of relief. Finally the selection process is over with...
Regardless of who wanted as a candidate, you have to admit, it had become a bit of a sideshow to say the least.
The money spent, the promises made, the insults exchanged, strange thoughts and opinions and then there's the so called news coverage and political josling by networks.
The hardest thing for an outsider to comprehend is: this was just deciding CANDIDATES!
They haven't even started on the Presidential Elections yet and when they do its going to be one hell of a fight.
Not only will the election be a long drawn out contest, but the years ahead no matter whom is elected will be a turning point for all of us.
The fight ahead is as I see it much like this:
Young, Popular, Black, Educated, Wealthy, Handsome man
Old, Outspoken, Not very popular, War Veteran.

Hardly seems like a fair fight.
I will be expecting several arguments to follow within the election campaign itself...
Not doubts John McCains Age will be raised on several occassions, with all the images of elderly people suffering from various illness that their years bring upon them.
and likewise the other side will use age to show:
Lack of experience, lack of wisdom, insight etc against Obama.
But do these things really matter...
I do think not.
Personnal I think the American people are little smarter than that, not that the media will let us think so, but those whom I speak with seem to have a good grasp of what is going on.
So I do trust the majority of those voting will take on board all the pros and cons, look at what can and should be done, what is in the best interest of everyone and not listen too seriously to the political mud slinging, back biting and name calling which generally accompanies such events...
Good luck to all
May the best person win