Saturday, June 7, 2008

a collective sigh!

Well as the "I Don't Give Shit Anymore" Club settle down for a little rest, the rest of America and(dare I say) world is breathing a collective sigh of relief. Finally the selection process is over with...
Regardless of who wanted as a candidate, you have to admit, it had become a bit of a sideshow to say the least.
The money spent, the promises made, the insults exchanged, strange thoughts and opinions and then there's the so called news coverage and political josling by networks.
The hardest thing for an outsider to comprehend is: this was just deciding CANDIDATES!
They haven't even started on the Presidential Elections yet and when they do its going to be one hell of a fight.
Not only will the election be a long drawn out contest, but the years ahead no matter whom is elected will be a turning point for all of us.
The fight ahead is as I see it much like this:
Young, Popular, Black, Educated, Wealthy, Handsome man
Old, Outspoken, Not very popular, War Veteran.

Hardly seems like a fair fight.
I will be expecting several arguments to follow within the election campaign itself...
Not doubts John McCains Age will be raised on several occassions, with all the images of elderly people suffering from various illness that their years bring upon them.
and likewise the other side will use age to show:
Lack of experience, lack of wisdom, insight etc against Obama.
But do these things really matter...
I do think not.
Personnal I think the American people are little smarter than that, not that the media will let us think so, but those whom I speak with seem to have a good grasp of what is going on.
So I do trust the majority of those voting will take on board all the pros and cons, look at what can and should be done, what is in the best interest of everyone and not listen too seriously to the political mud slinging, back biting and name calling which generally accompanies such events...
Good luck to all
May the best person win

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Dont Give a Shit Anymore! Just end the Pain Club

Sick of the Pre Selection?
Have you had enough of the Hype surrounding the Candidates?
Are you so over this Hollywood Sideshow it hurts?

Well you are not alone. You are a member of fastest growing Global community on Planet Earth.

I Dont Give a Shit Anymore!
Just end
the Pain Club.

As a member you can make your own badge to wear proudly to the shops, to work, to school and you yourself can become a campaigner to get this finished.
Have your Say, End the Pain wear the badge

This is the exclusive domain of the People world wide who just want the US Pre-Selection Campaign over with and the Actual Election Process started and finished...
We all know who the candidates are, Everyone knows what the choices are, so lets just have one final last push a bulk vote to see who is going to run and who misses out.

Save us Time, Save their Money, and Save our Sanity.
One Vote One voice get it over with!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Scientific Bullshit

How can killing a mother and child be in the interest of science...
Well thats what Japan has started to do with these beautiful creatures.....

click here for the full story: Herald Sun

ENVIRONMENT Minister Peter Garrett has described as "distressing" photos showing the Japanese whaling fleet dragging aboard a dead mother whale and her calf.
He says the photos would help build up global opposition to whaling.

The images show a minke whale and her calf being harpooned and then winched onto the Japanese vessel Yushin Maru. "I guess when I saw the photos I just felt a bit of a sick feeling as well as a sense of sadness,''

Mr Garrett told the Nine Network today. "It's very disappointing. It's distressing when you think that it can take up to 15 minutes after a harpoon actually hits a whale for the whale to die. "It's even sadder when you consider there's a calf involved.'' Mr Garrett says the photos reinforce Australia's view that killing whales in the Southern Ocean is wrong.

I can not understand why the rest of the world is allowing this barbaric practice to continue....

How dare the Japanese Government do this? I have thought for the longest time that the Japanese people were and are a caring country, environmentally conservative and for the most part against cruelty in all its forms..... maybe I am wrong and they are showing their true colours as barbarians......
The video of this hunt is available at Herald Sun .... I must warn you its not pretty

This Must Stop!

Lets work together

tell your friends

Tell the Japanese people

because I seriously doubt whether they would see these images....

Help save these creatures for our grandkids....

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why does it matter?

All the talk out of America is either the pending Recession with the crashing of Wall Street or the coming Election.
I like so many others are interested in the Election.... but not for the reasons of so many others, not being American I find their process confusing, just plain boring... but my interest lies in the Hillary and Obama.... however not looking at the standard will he be first black president or will she be the first female president.... 

I am taking the opinion of "Why the hell does it matter? "
In this the 21st Century should it matter the colour or gender of a person and why are we so preoccupied with these two parts of a human...
The fact that a person is of any colour or gender really does not show their worth as a person 
or their ability to perform a job...and in this day and age should be known.
The point is should it matter and why! 
Following the broadcasts and the public opinion coming out of the US, 
it appears there is still a large population whose thoughts are wholly based on these two points.
It is shameful to think that some people are still so narrow minded that they even notice and categorise a person based on these two facts, facts that the person themself have had no input into, no choice into etc.... My final point to you to ponder is why has taken this long to even have two candidates 
who are neither white nor male, and why hasnt this been challenged previously... 
the glass ceiling and all that perhaps after all it is apparently a mans world
but women are the majority gender on this planet and maybe we should start letting 
the guys know who is really in charge.... 
It really doesnt matter who is President all that should be taken into account is who will do the best job.
When there is true equality in all things it wont matter anymore...
So does Gender and skin colour matter to you......?
Will you be basing decision on these two facts or on what matters policy and potential?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Are we Doing Enough?

Happy New year All

I have been following the progress of the anti whaling protests over the past few weeks and was surprised (only a little ) to find this story hitting the headlines:

Posted Fri Jan 4, 2008 11:24am AEDT Updated Fri Jan 4, 2008 11:37am AEDT

The Oceanic Viking remains docked in WA!

Greenpeace says it is not concerned that the Federal Government has reneged on promise to monitor the Japanese whaling campaign.
The Government said it would send Fisheries ship Oceanic Viking to Antarctic waters to photograph Japanese whaling operations, but the ship remains docked in Western Australia.
The Federal Opposition has criticised the Government over the apparent delay, but Greenpeace says it is not worried.
Anti-whaling campaigner Rob Nicoll says he expects the ship to leave early in the new year.
"It's not a surprise and we're not concerned that they're not going to make good on their commitment," he said.
"There was a mention that it wouldn't take place till early in the new year, so hopefully any day now."

So should this ship be sent?
Can we do more...?
How do we stop this rediculious slaughter?