Monday, August 6, 2007


Many of you will know me as the Aussie Cynic. Well I had a brain explosion and decided to start a new blog..... So here goes and I hope you all enjoy this one as much Little Aussie Cynic.

The Coillision of the Willing is a place for you to use your voice, have your say on any topic running or start a new topic....add articles, just email me with your suggestions. With a more cynical political view....
I will not be censoring posts unless I find them offensive or contain adult content... there are plenty of sites on the net for that sort of thing.

With the erosion of our basic human rights it is time we stand together and tell the world what you think and why. We all no matter where on the planet you live have basic rights to help us, this is whether the governing body agrees or are some of them:

The right too: freedom, freedom of speech, religion, shelter, food, clean water, health, safety and the list goes on and on. It seems to me we are slowly loosing these one by one and being told they are for our own good. The world is becoming more and more controlled and anyperson who objects to restrictions is either being discredited, gaolled(jailled), theatened or otherwised discouraged.

Well I feel it is time to stand up and say enough, sure protect us, by all means keep our coutries safe and for sure support our defense forces, but I am calling for end to the lies and untruths we are being feed and expected to swallow.

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A totally great idea and place. Once the word gets around (I, for one WILL spread the word) people will be spilling the beans like crazy.

This may also be a great place for folks to open up (especially anonymously).