Friday, September 28, 2007

Solving Climate Change

Are you feed up with the Worlds leaders dragging their feet on Climate Change? I know I am.
Why are they talking about what to do in 2010? What about now?

I have had enough of the procrastinating on this issue, are they hoping the earth with wait till we are ready to solve the problem?

The best and easiest to get a definate plan on this issue is take every leader from every country on this planet, lock them in motel, and tell them you will not leave until all of you have resolved your issues and have a form and legally binding plan solution to the issues of climate change and global warming.
With clear and precise understandings of what will happen if they refuse to comply with the plans put in place.
This would stop all procastination on the issues and give us a firm global plan to solving or lessing the impact we are having.
What do you think?


wil said...

Well.. hm .. this climate thing.
Wouldest thou consider maybe that since a flood caused by a colision with another planet or meteorite aprox. 10000 years ago, after a theroff ice-covering of big parts of the earth, now ... the ice just melts?
Well ... hm maybe you'll ask me to change my name to 'CracyDaisy', but I'll take that risk.
Nice posts on your Blog!

Jay Cam said...

do you see all that crap being spewed into the air? that drives me crazy!! can you imagine how much stuff they are runing the atomsphere with? in like 20 years the earth is going to be serious jacked up

aussiecynic said...

I have a feeling it maybe already...!