Friday, September 28, 2007

Iran in America hmmmm

This week has been a time of interesting events in the news.

We have the events taking place in Ragoon with the Monks and general population, the Iranian Prime Minister visiting America, geeze that sounds like a oximoran, Iran in the US hmmm, Delegates leaving the United Nation in Protest during his speech. Then the United Nation and Climate Change Meeting to discuss changes to Kyoto.

Although I do NOT understand the Iranians at all,

I can understand peoples reaction to the countries policies, and given recents events in the middle east I don't wont them to have nuclear weapons either.

But when a leader of a country comes to your country for reason of diplomacy, you should for the same reason listen to what they have to say.
This does in no way show your opinion either way but it does show your willingness to listen and negotiate matters of planetary interest.
When trying to convince a person or a country that your way is better, you should lead by example, show restraint regardless of sick it makes you feel.

Although the circumstances surrounding 9/11, terrible as they were and are, were not condemned by several of these countries, I have not seen anything which said the bombers where Iranian. To my limited understanding the Bombers where Saudi Arabian.
No American Government has suggested they go after the religious leaders of Saudi Arabia thankfully.

In the interest of World Peace the least the US Government could do is listen and show tolerance in order to change the policies of these areas in the world.
With the Iranian opinion of Israel and their refusal to reconize Israels rights, it appears to be no more or less than Israels treatment of the Palestinians rights. If Iran is giving weapons to Palestine, what is the difference between this and America giving weapons to Israel.

Why is it that those who are popular with the west must be right and those who are not wrong.

Somewhere it is written "treat people as you wish to be treated"

With the violence happening between these two countries, The present course of action from all parties does not appear to working, a rational person would think this is not working lets try something else.

Isn't about time all sides try something else?

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