Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This must inspire someone!

Recently those wonderful folks Jim and Emma from Go Smell the FLowers, asked the Questions " What inspires you?"
My response was nothing, I find nothing Inspiring these days at all. Not in a way that would inspire me to rush out and buy a T-Shirt or anything.

However I have found inspiration and possibly a little of my humanity has returned after watching the Buddhist Monks in Burma.
These Monks are revered by the people and loved so deeply that they have inspired a nation to action.
All they are doing is marching and protesting for the most basic rights expected by any person.
There is no violence, there is no fowl language, no call to civil unrest, just a large group of monks walking through the city.
Unfortunately the Government has not seen this peaceful protest as non threatning and in response last night open fire on them, live ammo, tear gas, bashings etc, which has caused the death of many monks.
How can anybody do that to another person? This leadeer must be nuts and many think so?
It may well lead to civil war because so far all this action has lead to is many thousands of people joining the protest.
This sort of action in the face of such terrible in justice must inspire the peoples of this planet to look for a solution.

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I used to feel that way . . . And that's why I started Dreams are yours to share . . . I believe happiness is tied to dreams and I believe change is tied to each of us . . .

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