Tuesday, September 4, 2007

George W Bush is he really the worst President ever

Aussies pick Bush for a 'dud': poll

What do Australians think of United States President George Walker Bush, yes I know what the W stands for, well we think he is the worst President the US has ever had and that is saying something, worse then Richard Nixon, worse than Ronald Regan will that is pretty steep company but there you have it.

We all know the stupid things GW has done. His strangely out of context comments and his Bushisms to name just a few, but you do have to admit he has been good value, us comic types have had a field day. We all seem to know the bad things he has achieved the bad decision and the bad policy so I am not going to list them here I do enough bagging as it is.

But I started to wonder what things has he done that were any good?

Has the current US Government had any good policy?

Have they done anything at all which would allow the citizens of America to think he had accomplished something good?

this is the US governments site for the 43rd President.


Between 2000 and 2003, productivity grew at the fastest three-year rate in more than 50 years.
In September 2003, the U.S. Department of Commerce reported the lowest unemployment rate (5.4%) since October 2001.
The president's tax relief allowed families to keep more of what they earn by cutting tax rates across the board.


In 2003, President Bush announced the Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, a five-year, $15-billion initiative to turn the tide in combating the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. Just one month after Congress appropriated funds for the president's plan, $350 million was awarded to service providers for critical prevention efforts and to bring life-saving treatment to suffering people in some of the hardest-hit countries in Africa and the Caribbean.


President Bush submitted his framework for education reform, No Child Left Behind (NCLB), three days after taking office and secured overwhelming bipartisan support less than a year later. NCLB represents the most significant overhaul of U.S. education policy since 1965, when the Elementary and Secondary Education Act was passed.


In December 2003, President Bush signed legislation that makes Health Savings Accounts available to millions of Americans. Health Savings Accounts offer flexible, affordable insurance options for small businesses and individuals.
This legislation also will make prescription drug coverage available to 40 million senior citizens and people with disabilities through the Medicare healthcare system.


President Bush has committed America to meeting the challenge of long-term global climate change by reducing the ratio of greenhouse gas emissions to economic output, or greenhouse gas intensity, by 18 percent by 2012 compared to 2002.
In December 2003, President Bush signed legislation implementing key provisions of his Healthy Forests Initiative. The President's initiative is helping restore the health and vitality of forests and rangelands, and helping reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfires.

Regardless of what we see and hear in the media it appears it is not all doom and gloom or is it.... I really would like to know has any of this had an impact on your life, has it changed your opinion of this man or has his past, present and future mistakes condemned him to be considered the Worst President EVER?

Here what Australians think:

Savaged in new poll: George W Bush
A new Galaxy Poll says a majority of Australians believe George W Bush is the worst president in US history.
Mr Bush is due to arrive in Australia this evening for the APEC conference in Sydney.

The new poll shows that 52 per cent of those surveyed agreed with the statement that Mr Bush was the worst-ever president, while 32 per cent disagreed.

Dr Robert Marr from the Medical Association for the Prevention of War - the organisation that funded the poll - says most Australians do not agree with Mr Bush's policy in Iraq.

"Australians are not anti-American, they're anti the policies of George Bush, particularly the invasion of Iraq," Dr Marr said.

"Mr Howard has got it dead wrong when he says that opposing George Bush is opposing the American alliance.

"It is not that. Australians are sensible enough to know the difference between a dud president and good Americans."

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Quoting Bush on Bush is, I hope you full well know, ludicrous. The gap between the wealthy and the rest of the populace is the greatest it's ever been. Bush has promised money to nearly everyone and has delivered very little. South America knew this when they laughed him out of his recent visit. There exists no Bush health care plan. His medical prescription program has turned out to be a disaster that benefits pharmaceutical manufactures. His environmental efforts have been entirely aimed at opening pristine areas to oil companies. I won't even get started on this war. Nixon knew he had failed. Bush really believes he ranks among the best.

Yet, with all that, he is not evil; he's an infantile puppet and a dry drunk. Cheney is evil. Cheney implemented our torture policy, domestic spying, extraordinary rendition, secret CIA prisons, and is pushing very hard for bombing Iran. And worst of all, he has asserted that he has full presidential immunity, which never existed before him.

You hate this administration. My friend, these abuses of power will not fade with a Democratic president, though she/he will be kinder. Bush/Cheney have set Constitutional precedents which go unchallenged. Throughout history, no leader has given back the powers that have been assumed before that leader acquired power.

Excuse my rant.

Anonymous said...

No rant can be too damning for this idiot. here's someone elses take on it... Hopefully the site administrators wont remove this too quickly...