Tuesday, October 2, 2007

No African Refugees Allowed!

Is this what Australia has become?
Will we allow the Federal Government to shut our borders to people in their greatest time of need?
Why not help them to settle into our communities, Make their government pay for what they have done by way of the United Nations that is what it is there for isn't it!
This would have to be one of the most WORST THINGS the Australian Government has done to date and they have done some pretty bad things! This is right up there!

These fellows are Janjaweed Soldiers and what the refugees are running from.

Lady your on your own and Australia WILL NOT HELP YOU! because you aren't educate enough and wont fit in..... I know you just want somewhere safe to sleep! but well we wont help so too bad!

Kevin Andrews has stated we will increase our intake of Iraqi Refugees from Syria etc..... But America is doing such at good fixing Iraq they should be sent home after all the war ended more than 3 years ago didn't it! SHAME SHAME SHAME

Australia 'closed' to African refugees

The Howard government will not allow any more African refugees into Australia until at least July next year - and may not accept more in the next refugee intake.

News Limited newspapers report that Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews on Tuesday said Australia had already filled its quota for African refugees this year under the humanitarian refugee program.

"We won't be considering any new applications (for African refugees) until June or July next year," Mr Andrews said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Mr Andrews said Sudanese refugees appeared to have "greater challenges" than other migrants who had come to Australia.

Despite the Darfur crisis in Sudan, the Australian government had allocated just 30 per cent of refugee places to Africans this year, down from 70 per cent in 2004-05.

"We were concerned about the rate of settlement of some communities in Australia," Mr Andrews told Southern Cross Broadcasting.

Many Sudanese had lived through a decade of conflict and had lived in refugee camps for long periods, he said.

"Their level of education, on average, is about grade three levels compared to three or four years' more education for most other refugees that have come to Australia," he said.

"We don't do them any service if we bring them to Australia and we're not able to help them properly settle in this country."

Africans would be replaced by Iraqi refugees from Syrian and Jordanian refugee camps and Burmese residents in camps in Thailand, the News Limited report said.

There was no guarantee Africans would be accepted in Australia's next refugee intake, it said.

"Whether we leave it (the quota) at 30 per cent or take it up or down will depend very much on whether we are having success in terms of their integration into the broader community, and what other humanitarian refugee needs there are around the world," Mr Andrews said.

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Jay Cam said...

this reminds me of what happened in the late 90s with the fighting overe diamonds in..sierra leone?