Monday, September 10, 2007

Is this what it is to be Australian......?

I must say I love Australia. This is by far the best place in the world to live.

Where else in the world would A city of 6 million people allow 'the police and government to shut down the Central Business Area, transport, shopping, and all traffic in and out, erect a massive steel fence around the centre of their city, put up with the general mayhem caused' just to let a few trumped up world leaders strut around in 'dry as bone' coats for a few days.

The images seen in recent times, on the news, of the police and security forces using the methods akin to those seen overseas in countries with far less pride in their civil rights than we have, are frightening to say the lest.

Are we as Australians prepared to allow this sort of behaviour?

I am not saying there should not be security and in this day and age some precaution taken to ensure the safety and security of these VIP's,

but this is Australia Not Israel,

this is our country, AUSTRALIA

Sydney is our City.

What did they think was going to happen?
The over kill was just so far beyond anything we have seen prior it can only described as pathetic. Here are few security precautions taken:

Snipers on Roof tops

Police barriers

Areas Restricted

Public Access stopped

even to their places of work

Police Bus barricades Water pressure trucks

Security offices patrolling streets

Police patrolling streets

Stop and search anyone

No traffic in

No pedestrian traffic

Air Space restricted

These are just some of the efforts made how ridiculous and how little faith the authorities must have in the people who put them there.

This is not what we as Australians come to expect from our Officials in any circumstances regardless of the situation.
The Government, we would have thought would have a little more faith in the Australian Public and our ability to take a small disruption, and What about the Aussie Pride in a Job well done, did the powers that be think we would allow any sort of bullshit terrorist nonsense to ruin our reputation.

All the people of Australia wanted in return for tolerating this total kaotic disruption to their lives, lose of income, some people were even sacked, because the business lost too much cash, was our basic right to peaceful protest against issues being discussed by these men.

This Right was taken from us and the from the Media I might add.
Police used excessive force in several instances not only in regards to protests on a man taking his 11 year old son to lunch who was thrown to the ground, and arrested trying to cross the road to meet his son.

The Police removed their name badges and all forms of identification this is unlawful in Australia.

At the top of this post is video of the Police Actions taken, please take the time to watch.
This video shows how our Government Values Its People and our ability to voice OUR opinions



This is appalling, my friend. The smugness of the police, the over-kill in security clearly draws your outrage. What percentage of Australians see this as you do? What percentage doesn't care?

What shocks me, personally, even more is that this whole APEC business is not being reported in the American press at all. Of course, the anniversary of 9/11 and Gen. Petraeus' rosy assessment of the huge progress made in Iraq are dominating the news. Fine. But nothing about APEC? At first it was treated as a joke, then all reporting stopped. Pathetic.

On Thursday, I will give a prominent link to this post, along with an admonishment that Americans take a look at the news outside our borders. We live in a vacuum.

Jay Cam said...

wow...thats crazy!

Shinade said...

America will continue to live in a vacuum until we get rid of the blasted Republicans and every single politician that has been in office since the Viet Nam war. I still stand firmly behind my belief in the NWO's real. Do a search on you tube Bohemain Grove and David Gergen....then do a search for Bohemain Grove and Bill Clinton.....under this link if you stroll down you will find a complete list of all the members of this very cultish and odd group. I still have faith though...we just need to do a really good housecleaning over here in America. and, a lot of us are really ticked I am hoping that major,major changes occur. ~jackie