Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Weld Valley Angel

How to get ahead in TASMANIA
  • Get a Job at Gunns Limited

How to get arrested in TASMANIA

  • Dress as an Angel and Climb a Pole

  • Protest Logging of Old Growth Forests
  • Stop Logging Machinery entering World Heritage Forest
  • Inhibit Gunns Limited entering The WELD Valley to Clean Fell and Burn Old Growth Forest
  • Stand up for your Rights as a citizen of the State.
  • Enter a Protest March against The Tamar Valley Pulp Mill with 30,000 other people.
  • Voice your Objections to Gunns Forestry Policy

What you Can Expect

If a Gunns Employee (there aren't that many) nothing,

  • Not Much at all will happen to you, you are among the very lucky few who have friends in High Places.

If a Protestor

  • You're probably unemployed, a hippy, homeless, and have nothing better to do with your time than make mischief spreading lies about our good friends Gunns Limited. And you should get a hair cut.

  • You will be sued by the State Government, Police Department, Gunns Limited, and any company who has loss one dollar because you climbed a pole and Protested the Raping of an old Growth World Heritage Area.

  • We will Sue you to recover the cost of removing from that very dangerous pole, the loss of production cutting down those horrible trees that are screeming to be woodchipped, loss of income and any other reason we can think off.

If you are marching in the Pulp Mill Protests
  • expect us not to listen to you,
  • to be ignore,
  • your concerns dismissed as scare mungering,
  • and generally not considered in any discission made on Gunns Behalf.
  • Unless it is a Federal Election Year and the Polls are bad,
  • Then the Federal Government will step in and see which decision will earn them more votes and thats the way it will go.

You will Recieve:

  • A Poisoness Pulp Mill.
  • An extra 6 death a year due to respiratory illness
  • Your Marine and Fishing industry Destroyed from Dioxine poisoning
  • The Tourism Industry ruined due to the eyesore
  • Your World Heritage and Prestine Forest cut down
  • These same forests burn out
  • The Death of most of your Endangered Species
  • Poisoning of Forests to be logged
  • Replanting of Forest with Plantations

An addition to this you as a protestor can expect to be:

  • Charged with Protesting as the Tasmania Government is attempting to make peaceful protests illegal.
  • To Be Sued by every company and there dogs
  • Treated like a moron
Protestors have been fighting for years in an attempt to stop logging of old growth forests.

The State Government of Tasmania has decided they will no longer cover the cost of removing Protestors from these areas, which will allow the Gunns the logging company free reign.
Premiere Paul Lennon is attempting to bann Forestry Protestors, to make Protesting illegal.
They have been trying to sueing a protestor, Known as the The Weld Valley Angel and the Forest Angel, they wish to her to pay $2000 part of the cost of Crane, which was used to remove her from a pole. This young girl dressed as a Forest Angel sat on the pole did not hurt anyone, did not speak, did not move. She just sat there frozen and would not come down.
For this she is being sued by the State Government, Gunns Limited and another company for costs and income lost because she was up a pole.
The Full Story on the Weld Valley Angel Click Here:

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