Sunday, October 14, 2007

Do you really care?

I was a little shocked the other day by a friend in response to announced of the upcoming Federal Election (November 24 In case you missed it).

What stuck me as odd?
wasn't the, 'oh well lets get on with it,' or the 'oh great election advertisements,' or even 'finally!'.... It was woopy doo!, who cares, big deal.

I take my voting right very seriously ( in case you couldn't guess) and to me it is my resposibility to make sure I vote for the person and party who I think will do best job for the country and us.

So I asked my friend, 'aren't you even interested in what they will say or what they are planning to do?' and he said "No! I have always voted for"****" and I will this time round...."

This prompted the question "why!" and I was told "I can't be bothered thinking about it, the environment will be taken care of and I like my job it pays me the big dollars and so long I have the money coming in that is all I am worried about..."

'What about the Pulp Mill, health, the hospitals, schools and everything else that needs fixing?'

To this the response was even more shallow than I thought possible: 'the pulp mill, will bring jobs, health well if you want it you can pay for it, education my kids are in private school and do well and I don't care about anyting else, because it will be fixed or I will pay for it privately...if people want those other things such as health care they can get a job and pay for it"
This coming from a fellow who is on $60,000 a year and still holds a health care from the government.
What a horrible attitude to have, but it is becoming more and more ingrain in society and in the young, those lucky enough to have a good job that pays well versus those who don't, the gap is almost the size of canyon.

Oh my God! is this what we have become a bunch of selfish, shallow, thoughtless people who have no time for those who need help,
or do we give a dam about what we will leave our kids in the future.....
I hope it is the latter... because the former is tragidy waiting to happen unless we are already there...

Tell Me Do you Really Care?

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Peter said...

Hi! Well I give a damn. I want what's best for the things I care about. I just can't work out yet, which side will follow through on their promises. Thanks for listening.

Peter McCartney
Sydney Australia