Friday, January 4, 2008

Are we Doing Enough?

Happy New year All

I have been following the progress of the anti whaling protests over the past few weeks and was surprised (only a little ) to find this story hitting the headlines:

Posted Fri Jan 4, 2008 11:24am AEDT Updated Fri Jan 4, 2008 11:37am AEDT

The Oceanic Viking remains docked in WA!

Greenpeace says it is not concerned that the Federal Government has reneged on promise to monitor the Japanese whaling campaign.
The Government said it would send Fisheries ship Oceanic Viking to Antarctic waters to photograph Japanese whaling operations, but the ship remains docked in Western Australia.
The Federal Opposition has criticised the Government over the apparent delay, but Greenpeace says it is not worried.
Anti-whaling campaigner Rob Nicoll says he expects the ship to leave early in the new year.
"It's not a surprise and we're not concerned that they're not going to make good on their commitment," he said.
"There was a mention that it wouldn't take place till early in the new year, so hopefully any day now."

So should this ship be sent?
Can we do more...?
How do we stop this rediculious slaughter?



I am somewhat surprised that Greepeace, which is not known for its patience, is taking a caual approach to this. Perhaps, to do so would alienate political friends. Though the civilized world is aware of the Japanese whaling, I think progress would be made if some influential countries served as a unified big stick to goad others into joining an action group--a kind of UN peace keeper thing. We, here in the US Pacific northwest, have been going through a wrenching stand-off between environmental groups and Native Americans, for whom whaling has long been a spiritual rite.The public supports the environmentalists but the law recognizes our indigenous tribes as independent nations.

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