Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A New Day is Dawning

It is that time of year...

No I not referring to Christmas like most other Blogs

I am Referring to Japanese Whaling and slaughtering of approx 1000 whales for their Scientific Fish Markets...

The New Australian Government is sending a Coast Guard Armed Navy ship to Monitor the Japanese operation and hopefully gather enough evidence to stop this barbaric pratice...

This is what we are doing:

"The Australian prime minister, Kevin Rudd, today set his country on a diplomatic collision course with Japan with reports that he plans to send an armed vessel to monitor a controversial whaling expedition to the southern ocean.
Rudd's Labor government is negotiating with the cruise ship firm P&O to send a vessel equipped with machine guns and powerful cameras to track the Japanese fleet, the Sydney Morning Herald said.
The Japanese fleet left port for the Antarctic last month vowing to slaughter more than 1,000 whales in its biggest ever "scientific" hunt."

What are thoughts on Australias stance.....?

Overkill Or should more done?

What do you think


Thereyoucome said...

terrible scene, poor whales


Bravo Australia! America falls upon the "Prime Directive" (Star Trek) excuse: We can't interfere with another country's cultural values. Gimme a break. Nations defer to Japan, because it is an economic power. I believe all modern nations ought to take the aggressive actions which you folks are taking. And--golly--isn't Kyoto in Japan?