Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why does it matter?

All the talk out of America is either the pending Recession with the crashing of Wall Street or the coming Election.
I like so many others are interested in the Election.... but not for the reasons of so many others, not being American I find their process confusing, just plain boring... but my interest lies in the Hillary and Obama.... however not looking at the standard will he be first black president or will she be the first female president.... 

I am taking the opinion of "Why the hell does it matter? "
In this the 21st Century should it matter the colour or gender of a person and why are we so preoccupied with these two parts of a human...
The fact that a person is of any colour or gender really does not show their worth as a person 
or their ability to perform a job...and in this day and age should be known.
The point is should it matter and why! 
Following the broadcasts and the public opinion coming out of the US, 
it appears there is still a large population whose thoughts are wholly based on these two points.
It is shameful to think that some people are still so narrow minded that they even notice and categorise a person based on these two facts, facts that the person themself have had no input into, no choice into etc.... My final point to you to ponder is why has taken this long to even have two candidates 
who are neither white nor male, and why hasnt this been challenged previously... 
the glass ceiling and all that perhaps after all it is apparently a mans world
but women are the majority gender on this planet and maybe we should start letting 
the guys know who is really in charge.... 
It really doesnt matter who is President all that should be taken into account is who will do the best job.
When there is true equality in all things it wont matter anymore...
So does Gender and skin colour matter to you......?
Will you be basing decision on these two facts or on what matters policy and potential?

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In this primary season to choose the Democratic nominee for president, race/gender aren't an issue among Democratic voters. That's because both have the potential of making history, because the Democrats aren't putting up an old white man. More importantly, the American electorate desires change in the way our government is operating, so the word change is far from an empty slogan. Our economy is crumbling, we're in a pointless wasteful war, and the Constitution is in jeopardy. Once either Obama or Clinton gets the nomination, then you will hear lots of sexist/racist dirty campaigning. The Republicans have run on divisiveness so long, it's really all they have in their arsenal. I can see how all this process can be confusing or boring to non-Americans, but in my 56 years, I have never seen such massive voter turn-out among Democrats. This is a momentous period for America and the world, because Bush & Co. have caused so much suffering and chaos at home and abroad.

Ooops--sorry for the lecture.