Monday, November 5, 2007

Whose leading the chase

I don't know about you but I am getting bored with the Federal Election....

Not the issues mind you but the campaign itself, all these ads on the TV, Liberals saying OH BEWARE THE UNION!, Labour saying ITS TIME FOR NEW LEADERSHIP!

Come on guys the only time there is some sort of interest is when both parties actually announce something. If this is the best either party can do maybe it is time for third party to enter the frame and give us someone else to vote for..... A third party which can hold government when the other two are so close together it really doesn't matter....

If I was going to score the past 3 weeks I would have to say that Labor and Kevin Rudd are in the lead although their policies are very similar to the Libs they are miles apart on Social Issues and the environment.....

What do you think are the scare campaigns working for you?
Would a third Party make it easier?
Are you just wanting to vote and end the misery?

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