Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Boogyman

When I was a child, I was told stories about a boogy man. He would lurk in places dark and secluded and take children who were inplaces they should not be. Scary stuff but it stopped me wandering off and I remained reasonably safe through out those years.

Now I am adult I am still being told the same stories, but this time they are not the Boogyman I must watch out for it is Terrorist. And where the Boogy man would take children from their parents and hurt them these guys just blow you up. And just like the Boogyman they could be anyone, Your neighbour, your friend, your teacher, the bus driver, the guy walking past you in the street.....

I am so over these scary stories.

It is getting to the point where a person can't think, say, do, watch, read, or even look as they wish... I fear the world is fast becoming a world where people will be to afraid to leave their homes.

What do you think...

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Peter said...

Hi! There is one thing I will not give into and thats giving into the dark side. Give them nothing and give yourself everything.